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Heightened Accountants


Client Profile.

Heightened Accountants help solve problems that keep you up at night: not your average accountants.

They create a work/life balance by assisting you with accounting, lifestyle objectives, and business goals. The team deal with their clients with integrity, and are dedicated to communicate with their clients effectively with great customer service at all times.


The client initially came on board for help with generating B2B leads using Facebook Ad Manager.

LightUpp Promo was offered to help utilise Ad budgets more effectively for the client, aiming to lower their current cost per lead.


Our team conducted a long and thorough consultation to uncover their brand identity, persona as well as their business proposition.

Once we discovered what made their brand unique, the strategy began to unravel. Instead proposing standard accountancy services using a traditional sales approach; we suggested creating a promo video to highlight that they “solve problems that keep you up at night”.

Our team went the extra mile by offering guidance on how they should structure their Facebook Ad campaigns. The client was so pleased with the service that we were then tasked with optimizing his Facebook Ad campaigns.


At Heighten Accountants we had been struggling to generate quality leads through digital platforms before we started working with LightUpp. Their Team has not only chosen a unique result oriented approach but also tailored a personalised solution to meet our lead generation needs. We started on a basic package but in a few weeks upgraded it and now they are looking after our different campaigns, from ad creation, testing and analysing the results to advising us on different marketing strategies.

LightUpp has become One-Stop-Shop for our all marketing needs at Heighten Accountants. We don’t hesitate to recommend LightUpp to any business struggling to set up an efficient and effective marketing engine.

Nadeem - Heighten Accountants


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