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Lingo Flamingo


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Lingo Flamingo exists to make language learning interactive and accessible.

Allowing everyone to experience the joy of learning a second language, and gain the benefits of bilingualism.


The goal for this campaign was to enable this charity to increase the intake of new students for the launch of their upcoming language course.


Through demographic surveys, Mailbox Etc was decided as the prime location for LightUpp Outdoor, which suited their target market.

The Lingo Flamingo Ad was displayed along Kilmarnock Road. The campaign began in advance, to allow ample time for any impressions to take effect before the language course start date.

Lingo Flamingo also took photos of the Ad in action and posted it across their social platforms, pushing their prospects to look out for the Ad and any upcoming news.


We were too happy with our ad on LightUpp’s digital billboard! The team were super helpful, great to work with and turned around our ad very quickly. Would highly recommend the team to other businesses looking to increase their reach. 70% of our Instagram followers noticed the ad and we received new customers for our language course within 2 months.

Laura - Lingo Flamingo


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