Identity & Logo Design



Start strong with unique naming and logo designs.


Your logo, name and stamp is the first element of your brand that your future customers will encounter.

A strong name means a strong reputation.


LightUpp Branding is the core foundation of our work.

Through effective researching of value proposition, prospect audiences and competition we are able to develop the face of your brand with a logo and name by which your brand will live by.”


Naming and Logo Design allows you to embed a memorable impression into your target market and furthermore distinguishes you in the market.

It enhances the USP in your business and shines a light on what makes your brand unique. Through emotional development and tone setting, it allows your consumers to attach on to this newly created life form that will eventually grow them into loyal customers.

What you get.


It’s important the personality is captured well when making your logo. Your brand can be envisioned as a real person. We conduct thorough market research to associate it with characteristics that allow it to become likable candidate for your target audience.


Identity cannot exist without consistency. This is why we develop a base guideline of colours, fonts and messaging that you can utilise over a variety of collateral materials. This makes it easier for your audience to embed the same positive opinion of your brand every time.


Brand identity gives you a unique opportunity to show what makes your business different, prices aside. It enforces the value of your proposition by adding emotion and personality into the mix. People buy people, people buy brands too.


This one is crucial. Your logo allows your consumers to build trust and loyalty. At LightUpp we make your customers place a greater trust in you.


Best of all, a well-designed brand allows your business to grow with ease. We help take each step in the right direction as it further strengthens your foothold in the market via the support of your followers.




per month initially for 30 posts a month.).


all prices are done on a job to job basis due to the complexities of branding packages.

Industry Stats.


of consumers believe that logos are works of art.


impressions before they recognize a business logo.


of Fortune 500 companies use a logo that features a combination of designs.

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