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Overwhelm any competition. Be the first remembered LightUpp your brand!


Why Outdoor?

If you want to increase word of mouth: then give people something to talk about!

Put your brand on the map, with over 100,000 monthly impressions across multiple sites and The LightUpp team behind you. Offering marketing reports, storytelling guidelines, and well branded Ads. Your image is kept consistently strong all the way.

All Packages

£ 189
  • No Joining Fee.
  • 6 or 12 month terms.
  • Change your location.*
  • Display every day.
  • Adjust your Ads.
  • Upload Videos.
  • Advertisement Review.
  • Full Customer Support.


  • Access to 1 Location
  • Over 33,000 views
  • 1hr Marketing Review


  • Access to 2 Locations
  • Over 66,000 views
  • 2hr Marketing Review
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Design Amendments
  • On-Site Photos of Ad


  • Access to 4 Locations
  • Over 123,000 views
  • 4hr Marketing Review
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Double Down **
  • Design Amendments
  • On-Site Photos of Ad
  • Demographic Survey
  • First Pick on New Sites

* subject to availability
** go twice as often on a busy site


Of people see an Out Of Home (OOH) Ad every week.


Of consumers often look at the messages on roadside billboards.


Of consumers visited a store as a result of seeing an out of home (OOH) Ad*

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