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Start converting online with tailored marketing material.


First impressions count.

Well thought out messaging, delivered in a tone of voice that suits your brand is the first step to building value, trust and confidence with your prospect consumers.


LightUpp your marketing material with a team willing to listen not only to your requirements, but your customers too.

By developing a brand identity and presence in the market with your chosen persona, we are able to translate this language using guidelines to create shop signs, business cards, landing pages, and all the perfect promotional materials you need for your business.”


Marketing material for both B2B and B2C businesses gives you the material to walk the walk.

It creates legitimacy in your sales efforts by growing your consumers’ confidence into your brand. Not only does it capture attention but it holds your brand well and enhances the perception of your brand too.

Let your customers know that you are a capable and competent business with the tools to serve their needs. It’s time to show not tell!”

What you get.

Brand Personality

It’s important the personality is captured well when creating your collateral content. Your brand can be envisioned as a real person. We conduct thorough brand research to ensure it possesses the same characteristics of your brand.


Identity cannot exist without consistency. This is why we develop a base guideline of colours, fonts and messaging that you can utilise over a variety of your collateral materials. This makes it easier for your audience to embed the same positive opinion of your brand every time.

Differentiating Design

Brand identity gives you a unique opportunity to show what makes your business different, prices aside. It enforces the value of your proposition by adding emotion and personality into the mix. People buy people, people buy brands too. We make sure this is all reflected on to your collateral material.

Trust Factor

This one is crucial. Your logo allows your consumers to build trust and loyalty. At LightUpp we make your customers place a greater trust in you by making your presence strong on any collateral created.


Best of all, a well-designed collateral allows your business to grow with ease. We help take each step in the right direction as it further strengthens your foothold in the market via the support of your follower, increasing word of mouth too.




per month initially for 30 posts a month.).


all prices are done on a job to job basis due to the complexities of branding packages.

Industry Stats.


conversion rates of the best websites.


more leads generated with 40+ landing pages.


average mobile conversion rate.

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