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Take the big shortcuts using our experienced growth support.


LightUpp offers growth and support for entrepreneurs moving forward with small or medium sized businesses.


We are able to offer a full analysis on topics such as social media, paid ads, outdoor advertising, PR events, promo videos and website audits.

All the pieces you need to complete your business engine as smoothly as possible.


This shortcuts any unnecessary pivoting your business may have to endure.

With our team of Ad experts, Copywriters, Directors and Campaign Managers it gives you the freedom of substantial backing so you can finally take your business from A to B. We aim to provide you the proof in the pudding early on in your journey, with the hopes that it contributes to working with your ambitious company in the long run.

What you get.

Social Media

By having the experience of managing numerous social media accounts we’ll be able to direct you on the right path with tips and tricks to get your business moving forward quickly.

Paid Ads

At LightUpp we love all our paid Ad campaigns however we understand that not all businesses are ready to dive into a full marketing campaign. We offer the chance for you to learn and try for yourself, helping you get a handful of sales before offering to come on board.


This one is crucial. We will assess your online presence to ensure you have a converting engine by directing and educating you on customer behaviour and things to look out for.


Local engagement is vital for any new business. Through our combined extensive experience you will be taken into our marketing mind-set where you can understand how to get your own business noticed locally.


You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process, making sure that any results are communicated to you efficiently and in its entirety. We leave out no grey areas, if there are any areas of improvement you will be the first to know.


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Industry Stats.


of social media users follow brands.


of Millennial say it’s their responsibility to help loved ones make smart purchases.


of users say online reviews have changed their minds about a purchase

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