Converting Funnels



Pioneer online growth with funnels that actually convert.


When you’re assessing direct sales, converting funnels are crucial to your conversion rate online. It allows you to have a seamless user journey, and deliver a specific product to a precise niche in your target market.


We use your brand as a foundation, which gives us an advantage to create optimized funnel pages for your business.

Whether you own an ecommerce store or you need an information hub online, we use fresh quality content as well as clear calls to action to funnel your customers straight to you.


This allows you to market your business globally and establish a 24/7 brand presence online.

It helps to improve your reputation against your competition and strengthens your foothold in your chosen position. In addition you are now able to launch online advertising campaigns across a wide array of avenues with your website there to capture your target market with ease. The core benefit of funnels is that at the end of the consumer journey, you are always left with a paying customer.

What you get.


Consumers want honestly and authenticity. We keep your brand consistently visible throughout the website to help prospect buyers feel completely comfortable throughout their buying process in your converting funnel.


The skeleton of your funnel is just as vital. An unnecessary step can cost you the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Through experience we are able to ensure your websites are made with a promising conversion rate straight from launch.


LightUpp aims to not only to make a great funnel but ensures it’s easy to maintain too. As your business adapts and grows we make it manageable for you to update your online brand presence, keeping your customers in the know and tracking user trends allowing you to constantly assess room for improvement.


It’s vital that your funnel possesses a strong purpose. We ensure that specific goals are set and the website is created around these objectives. At LightUpp our team take the time to ensure that the proposition is validated throughout.


Best of all, we love making it different. Using your brand identity, story and persona to take advantage of this unique opportunity of making your business stand out against your competition through effective designs that convey a positive and professional image.


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Industry Stats.


of marketers feel their top priority should be converting leads into customers.


of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel.


of visitors who read your headline will also read your CTA.

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