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Key marketing tools needed to put your business ahead.


The LightUpp marketing toolbox hosts key performance boosters from lead generation solutions and marketing funnels, to PR events and tailored growth and support services.


Our unique capability to understand your brand and proposition gives us an advantage to create an appealing Ad your consumers can look at.

All leads are sent directly to you, from people who not only understand your product and service but prospects who agree with your brand ethos as well. This approach gives your lead a much higher chance of conversion when compared to normalised methods.

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LightUpp removes marketing roadblocks heading towards your brand.

With our team of Ad experts, Copywriters, Directors and Campaign Managers it gives you the freedom of substantial backing so you can finally take your business from A to B.

We aim to provide you the proof in the pudding early on in your journey, with the hopes that it contributes to building a relationship with your ambitious company long term.

What you get.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation that works. Using B2B and B2C fishing we are able to rake in leads for your business by creating the right value propositions suited for you. This enables you to have countless enquiries from interested customers waiting for you to service.

Email Marketing

Email marketing works when executed correctly. Using anything from campaign sequences to retargeting strategies, our branding allows you to email with personality.

PR Events

Whether it's local recognition or UK wide awareness for your brand our unique PR events allow your business to be noticed for it's values. Historically this has always been a great opening for businesses to upsell their products and services to mass markets with ease.

Converting Funnels

Increase your prospects value. Converting Funnels are a huge part of our service. Enabling you to grow a mildy interested customer into a big win for your business. All our funnels are created to be brand-centric allowing you to pick up customers more efficiently.

Growth & Support

If you're a SME, our marketing services include Growth and Support services where our team of marketeers can prevent you from making the most common advertising mistakes. Cut straight to the money with our tailored experience, leading the way for business.



dependent on service.

Industry Stats.


of consumers think the ad industry doesn’t act with integrity.


avg. amount of time people spend on an article.


of Millennials say it’s their responsibility to help loved ones make smart purchases.

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