Packaging & Product Design



Emerge from the shelves with unique packaging and product design.


Whether it’s a service or a product on offer, packaging and product design adds to the story and value of your brand, and further increases your brands reputation in the marketplace.


Here we use packaging layers to combine variations of colour, image, shape and/or material to create a perception of the product that matched your brand personality.

The persona created from the exterior product packaging and design should aim to communicate value early to your consumer in the buying process.


We all know first impressions are important.

A well packaged product or service is a key piece in the marketing machine to not only improve sales but to enforce your chosen position in the marketplace.

Due to customers looking to associate their chosen product/service purchase with something positive, the packaging is usually the first thought that enters their minds.

What you get.


Consumers want honestly and authenticity. If your brand is green it’s good to use recyclable materials; we help to create packaging that reflects the personality and mission statement of the business as a whole.


Protection is just as important. We ensure to use minimal materials that get the job done. This allows your target market to purchase more whilst wasting less.


LightUpp aims to not only increase your brands visibility through the packaging and product design, but enforcing your brand identity too. We specialise in creating the right packaging that captures the eye, whether it’s from the shelves or online.


Of course don’t forget the basics. We ensure the packaging is not only branded but that it contains relevant information about your product or service, helping the customer to have all the information to hand easily before making their final decision.


Best of all, we love making it different. Using your brand identity, story and persona to take advantage of this unique opportunity of making your business stand out against your competition through effective packaging and product design.


all prices are done on a job to job basis due to the complexities of branding packages.

Industry Stats.


of consumers accepted that they form their impression of a brand based solely on packaging.


online customers are convinced that they will purchase from those websites again if their products come in customized packaging.


consumers agree that the product packaging is as important as brand itself.

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