Online Ads.



Cultivate your business through Google Ads.


Google Paid Ads Management. Our Google PPC team is dedicated to providing you refreshing customers at a profitable cost.

We make it work for small, medium, and large businesses.


Google is the unmovable mountain. 

With 5.6 billion searches made daily, and owning 92% of the search engine market share, we make space for you to have a piece of the action. Bringing you lifelong fans for your brand.

Through our in depth marketing briefs we are able to create very precise and tailored Ads whether it’s search & display, shopping, or on Youtube.

These audiences are categorised through filtering potential demographics against our marketing brief. This is where we conduct extensive keyword research, generating promising returns and exceeding targets set for your brand.

We don’t like leaving any prospect customers out. This is why we create multiple Ads and copywrites for each campaign, covering all bases, giving you the optimal chance of your Google Ads working.


We have a great track record and hold a very loyal retention rate due to the results we provide for our clients.

Our team of designers, copywriters, ad experts and project managers gives you the freedom to have a full team behind you. Our main asset is our ability to listen and indulge in your ideas, combining different ways of executing to create the most profitable output. With LightUpp, your goals become our goals, and your dreams become our dreams too.

What you get.


We work with both B2B and B2C brands using Google Ads for both lead generation and purchase orders. You will get access to a team that spend every day on your Ads account making your ROI our main priority.


Ads aren’t magical. With our design team, you’re guaranteed to have an Ad creative that gets the message across through effective copywriting, whilst being branded with your flag colours. This increases your direct sales whilst gaining further traction on your brand position.


It’s easy to make it work initially. The real reason we thrive is when it comes to scaling your Google Ads. At LightUpp we love to strategize different avenues of opportunities to take your business to the next stage through effective A/B testing.


This one is crucial. Before we begin, it’s important to us that we have analysed your offerings, website and current marketing approach. In most cases we can predict speed bumps to come which gives us an advantage to utilise your marketing budget as effectively as possible


You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process, making sure that any results are communicated to you efficiently and in its entirety. We leave out no grey areas, if there are any areas of improvement you will always be the first to know.




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Industry Stats.

There are 5.6B Google searches daily.


of people have clicked on a Google ad.


better conversion on Google ads compared to organic ads.


of shoppers prefer online shopping.

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