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Evolve your brand organically through Instagram.


Instagram Social Media Management. Use your brand to grow your Instagram presence organically.

Using your brand against our campaign strategies on Facebook, creative events, tricks of the trade, social listening, and a tone of voice your customers can hear.


When it comes to Instagram brand purpose is at the heart of everything, it connects the stories to your customers in the way they want to hear it.

We interrogate every scenario to develop a strategy that serves your customers in the way they wish to be served.

Through consistency and scheduling we can thencollate together the perfect story, transforming your business page into a community of events. This is done correctly through social listening, creating a consumer journey and a business roadmap.

The posts we then design are created using all of the gathered ammunition from our intensive briefs. Each Instagram post is treated in its’ own aspect, to help link the profile together better for your customer.


Safe to say an organic strategy (with consistency) is vital for your mandatory online presence as a business.

If done correctly, not only does it increase online word of mouth but it creates the ultimate snowball effect for your business. Allowing you to use your increased engagement to upsell and promote other services and products that your customers can believe in. Better than that, it creates a community where your customers can live online, sharing their experience with respected target markets.

What you get.


The team at LightUpp will be all hand on deck, to create the ideal Facebook content strategy suited for your brand. Finding out the right story to tell, and telling it to the right people that want to listen.


You won’t need to worry about remembering to post on Instagram anymore. We have our methods to ensure that every post is sent out at the peak time for your business audience.


This one is crucial. We will assess your brand as if it were a person. This would help us create your own brand persona. These characteristics would splash on to your Instagram profile, giving it the lift it needs for people to interact.


Engagement on Instagram works both ways. LightUpp will make sure you are doing your part online: creating relationships, real conversations, and offering support to your audience.


You will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process, making sure that any results are communicated to you efficiently and in its entirety. We leave out no grey areas, if there are any areas of improvement you will be the first to know.




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Industry Stats.

Out of 28m Instagram UK users


are aged 25-35.


largest social media site


are looking for inspiration.

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