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Manjaros cuisine is based on a blend of African and Caribbean flavours.

Their mouth-watering spices originate from the heart of Africa and isles of the Caribbean. Selected dishes have been prepared to create a sensational zest of spices commonly used throughout different generations in Africa and the Caribbean islands.

Only the finest selection of natural ingredients is worthy of their famous “Manjaros Sauce”, which is used to season and spice up our signature dishes. This signature sauce comes in a variety of flavours and spice levels from the very mild alligator peppers to hot bird eye chillies.


Due to the COVID-19 effects on the hospitality industry, LightUpp Outdoor was used as an opportunity to reinforce their brand in the Glasgow area for both locals and tourists.


The well branded Manjaros Ad was placed across all our sites, reminding their loyal customers to re-order meals.

This was further reinforced through on street events, social media posts and professional photos. The Ad itself was made to create the Manjaros taste upon every glance. Ads were also re-created on a recurring monthly basis, keeping the campaign interactive for their target market.

Due to the success of this campaign they have now upgraded to the Beacon package, gaining 123,000 monthly impressions for their ever growing brand.


Manjaros Restaurant has been working closely with LightUpp for almost one year now, and all I can say is positive things about these guys. Their customer service is second to none, no matter what time of day it is, they’re always on the other end of the phone if I have any queries and questions I have.

In terms of the service they offer, the sites are in every hotspot in Glasgow, and the traction these digital signs creates is amazing! My adverts are on almost every site they have, covering the whole city! Bright LED signs which catch your eye straight away. This is one of our best forms of advertising in terms of spreading awareness to new potential customers.

The adverts we have on display are constantly being updated and improved, which is all covered under the service the team offer.

I would strongly recommend LightUpp to anybody who wants to increase their customer base with zero stress and headaches! Good job guys! From everybody at Team Manjaros!

Junaid, Manjaros Glasgow


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