Same Same

185-189 St George's Rd, Glasgow

Same Same

High volume of vehicle traffic.

Next to St George’s Cross Subway.

Short walk from Glasgow City Centre.

Location Benefits.

  • Placed at the exit of the M8 motorway junction connecting to A804.
  • Clearly visible at the traffic lights for all cars coming off the motorway.
  • In plain sight for all traffic stopped at the crossing on St George’s Road.
  • Known to connect traffic from Woodlands Road to Great Western Road.
  • Alongside Pure Gym Fitness Centre & a snooker club.
  • Conveniently next to several grocery stores on Maryhill Road.
  • In close proximity to several home improvement stores.
  • A known motorway exit when visiting the nearby educational centres

All Packages

£ 189
  • No Joining Fee.
  • 6 or 12 month terms.
  • Change your location.*
  • Display every day.
  • Adjust your Ads.
  • Upload Videos.
  • Advertisement Review.
  • Full Customer Support.


  • Access to 1 Location
  • Over 33,000 views
  • 1hr Marketing Review


  • Access to 2 Locations
  • Over 66,000 views
  • 2hr Marketing Review
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Design Amendments
  • On-Site Photos of Ad


  • Access to 4 Locations
  • Over 123,000 views
  • 4hr Marketing Review
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Double Down **
  • Design Amendments
  • On-Site Photos of Ad
  • Demographic Survey
  • First Pick on New Sites

* subject to availability
** go twice as often on a busy site

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