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Bike for Good


Client Profile.

Bike for Good is a charity and social enterprise which started in July 2010 in a small stall in Glasgow’s Barra’s market. With a few donated bikes, a cobbled together tool kit and a team of volunteers with a huge amount of passion and drive, Bike for Good was born!

They now have two thriving Community Hubs in Glasgow and an amazing team of 42 staff members and 50 + volunteers who are changing thousands of lives through cycling.

Bike for Good provides access to low cost but good quality bikes whilst diverting tonnes of waste from landfill. These bikes are kindly donated by members of the public and are then refurbished and sold in our two Community Hubs. Find out more about how to donate your bike.


There were two key objectives.

The first being to raise cycling awareness for key workers during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

The second was to promote their newly launched Pedal Pals platform, connecting people through cycling.


The first objective was achieved via our two Glasgow Southside locations that were situated nearby their Southside branch, targeting both local drivers and pedestrians alike.

We combined photography and videography to generate an interactive, and eye catching Ad. This embedded a simple but effective message for their target audience. The second objective was achieved through a completely re-designed Ad; this was placed along our location at Byres Road, nearby the Bike for Good headquartered office. To aid there marketing campaign we further created a promotional explanatory video that would act as an explanatory promotion for their Pedal Pals platform.

This content was intentionally created in a user friendly way, allowing our clients at Bike for Good to share and promote across all social media platforms.


I’ve had a great experience working with LightUpp. It was affordable and high quality advertising. There was excellent communication the entire time.

Fariha - Bike For Good


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