Case Study.
DC Autotech


Client Profile.

DC Autotech is a Black Code authorised car remapping facility based in Dundee. They unlock your vehicles true capabilities.

The family business takes pride to guarantee an increase in performance and efficiency of your vehicle.


Prior to joining LightUpp, the client had some negative agency experience and was struggling to generate leads due to the locality of his business. Our team was tasked with creating an enquiry of customers for our client, at affordable rates.


Initially we conducted a 90 minute meeting to analyse previous results before committing to any strategy.

We realised the current proposition was too high risk for his prospects. Through strategizing the client agreed to offer a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a “try before you buy” campaign. From here our design team created 3 new adverts for their marketing campaign, 2 videos and 1 static.

This was in line with their brand identity, with variations to help analyse the emotional engagement from their target audience on any future campaigns. Targeted keyword research allowed us to launch 5 campaigns for DC Autotech. All campaigns were connected to a lead capture form. DC Autotechwas given full access to follow up all prospect leads at their convenience.


I recently started a vehicle remapping company called D C Autotech Ltd. (
Having spoken with several marketing companies who didn’t seem to be offering what I was looking for, I came across LightUpp.

The team have been extremely helpful, have set me up a stunning, attention grabbing video advert and as I am new to this type of online business, and are helping me to set up my advertising campaign.
They are even helping me to develop my own sales techniques.

I just wish I had discovered LightUpp sooner as their help and support would have saved me a lot of stress, time and money.

Highly recommended. 

Dave, DC Autotech


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