Case Study.


Client Profile.

Doorworld is a 5 star rated door company based in Glasgow.

They have a lovely local showroom in the Southside of Glasgow. Offering great value doors, at fantastic prices.


The client recently completed a rebrand, so the objective was to educate the public on their new brand identity.


An in depth consultation helped our team to create an Ad that represented both their new brand identity and brand persona.

This creative was placed along our site at Pollokshaws Road which welcomes 3 lanes of traffic and approx. 10,000 cars daily. Our clients were pleased with the word of mouth in the local area for the 2 month duration of their trial campaign.

We are now honoured to recognise Doorworld as one of our oldest and most loyal clients.


This has been a very successful venture for us. The company reps are very helpful and courteous and I have no problem in recommending the LightUpp Company to anyone looking to advertise their business.

Lorraine - Doorworld


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